White Collar &
Criminal Defense

Clients turn to the white collar and criminal defense lawyers at Coppersmith Brockelman when their reputations, professions, and freedom are on the line, and when they need competent and confident internal investigations. With decades of experience in federal, state, and city courts, and in responding to government investigations, we are the first line of defense and consultation for clients against all types of criminal matters, from complex white-collar fraud to homicide, assault, and drug offenses. Our criminal defense lawyers are known by judges, prosecutors, and our peers throughout Arizona for superior legal ability and integrity.

In every criminal matter, our goal is either to win the case or to negotiate the best possible result. Our defense lawyers are very experienced in the courtroom, and have successfully taken many cases to trial. When a public trial isn’t in the best interest of our clients, we have successfully negotiated settlements.

Diverse Clientele

We have defended businesses and nonprofits; business owners, executives, board members, accountants, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, brokers; and many other regular people who find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system.

Complex Cases

We have defended clients against a wide variety of criminal allegations, including health care fraud, qui tam, RICO violations, bank fraud, real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, foreign corrupt practices, securities fraud, water and air quality violations, government corruption, procurement and public fraud, professional misconduct, aggravated assault, gambling, civil and criminal forfeiture, licensing violations, parallel proceedings, computer crimes, sexual misconduct, controlled substance and drug violations, and homicide.

Commercial & Government Investigations

We have confidentially conducted many internal investigations for clients, both self-initiated and in response to government inquiry. We represent individuals and businesses in investigations by all types of government entities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Office of Inspector Generals (state and federal), Securities and Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Internal Revenue Service, State Bar of Arizona, Medicare and Medicaid (AHCCCS), and local police. We also assist clients in performing their own internal investigations and in developing compliance programs to prevent wrongdoing by employees.


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