Nonprofit Law

Coppersmith Brockelman and our attorneys have a proud history of working with nonprofits and charitable organizations, as lawyers, board members and volunteers. We believe working with nonprofits represents our highest calling as lawyers and as people.

We understand the sector and work with nonprofits in organizational and transactional matters, including formation, organization, governance, compliance, and operations. We put our attorneys’ expertise – from work as general counsel inside one of Arizona’s largest nonprofit organizations to experiences serving as board chair of one of the nation’s largest nonprofit behavioral health providers – to work for our clients. Our lawyers often present at conferences of exempt organizations as well.

Our work often begins with helping to form entities, in both Arizona and other states, and shepherding them through IRS recognition of exempt status and ongoing compliance and governance. Additionally, our work extends to:

  • Developing oversight structures and processes as part of advising clients on nonprofit management and governance issues
  • Joint venture arrangements between nonprofit organizations and for-profit entities
  • Preparation and implementation of corporate compliance policies, including conflict of interest and disclosure policies
  • Review of bylaws and policies, and advising on best practices for nonprofit governance
  • Compliance with state law requirements for the disposition of nonprofit assets
  • Evaluation and correction of private foundation prohibited transactions and excise tax issues


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