Creditor Rights
& Bankruptcy

Financial institutions and creditors can rely on Coppersmith Brockelman for comprehensive help in litigation arising from the debtor/creditor relationship, including litigation involving commercial loans and guarantees, real estate leases, equipment leases, receiverships, and lien priority and enforcement disputes. Coppersmith Brockelman also has experience assisting in all manner of pre-judgment and post-judgment remedies and collection of foreign and domestic judgments, including:

  • Asset searches and debtors’ exams
  • Replevin of collateral
  • Garnishment proceedings

Our attorneys will formulate a strategic plan that addresses your specific needs, whether that includes renegotiating terms or aggressively pursuing payment.

In the event a debtor files for bankruptcy, Coppersmith Brockelman’s creditor clients can also rely on our extensive experience representing secured and unsecured creditors, including lenders, landlords, lessors, and trade creditors in all stages of the bankruptcy process, including:

  • Preference litigation and other claim disputes
  • Stay relief litigation
  • Lien avoidance disputes
  • Claim subordination
  • Plan confirmation
  • Cash collateral protections
  • The assumption, assignment, or rejection of an executory contract

We also routinely represent creditors in fraudulent conveyance litigation, including actions arising out a debtor’s asset protection efforts.

At all stages of the debtor-creditor relationship, our lawyers utilize a practical interdisciplinary approach with a focus on obtaining the fullest recovery possible while protecting our clients’ rights, claims, and business relationships.


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