Electronic medical records and other “Big Data” technologies have vastly improved medical research capabilities, while also causing concern about the privacy of research subjects. Attorney Kristen Rosati recently discussed these patient privacy concerns in a presentation at the National Academies of Sciences, National Cancer Policy Forum’s workshop on Applying Big Data to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Oncology.

One of the nation’s leading Big Data and HIPAA compliance attorneys, Kristen explained the connection among numerous privacy laws, including HIPAA, state privacy laws, and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, noting differences in how personal health information is handled and de-identified for research purposes. 

Kristen has deep experience in data sharing for research and clinical integration initiatives, clinical research compliance, and biobanking and genomic privacy, and is a sought-after national speaker on these topics. She is a Past President of the American Health Lawyers Association, the nation’s largest educational organization devoted to legal issues in the healthcare field with almost 15,000 members.