State Bar, Legal Ethics
& Legal Malpractice

Coppersmith Brockelman has a dedicated team of seasoned attorneys focused on defending fellow lawyers against State Bar complaints and claims of legal malpractice. To us, the goal in these matters is to protect not just our clients’ money, property, and ability to practice law, but the professional reputations they have spent years developing.

State Bar & Legal Ethics Matters

We represent attorneys in all types of proceedings involving the State Bar, defending against Bar complaints, representing lawyers in formal disciplinary actions, and helping new lawyers who are applying for admission to the Bar, as well as experienced lawyers seeking readmission after being suspended or disbarred. We also advise other lawyers on issues of professional ethics in order to prevent problems with the Bar.

In addition to our experience, we have the distinct advantage of actively practicing civil litigation and criminal defense. We’re uniquely suited to understand and explain the realities of legal practice to State Bar counsel. We also pride ourselves on being lawyers of honesty and integrity who work diligently to develop the trust of the Bar attorneys who investigate and prosecute disciplinary matters.

Since we understand the value of our clients’ professional reputations, we cannot provide a list of representative matters. However, we do continually obtain excellent results. In many cases, we have successfully persuaded the State Bar to dismiss complaints at the screening stage, allowing our clients to avoid formal disciplinary proceedings.

Legal Malpractice Defense

Our team has substantial experience in defending against claims of legal malpractice. We have represented large national law firms, as well as smaller, local firms. This experience includes:

  • Defended a matter through the completion of a lengthy jury trial.
  • Defended claims brought by a bankruptcy trustee against the former counsel of an entity in Chapter 11 proceedings.
  • Defended claims for malicious prosecution and abuse of process.
  • Served as lead counsel in what is now the key Arizona case involving claims for malicious prosecution.


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