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At Coppersmith Brockelman, we believe that law firms have too many rules. Here are ours: Work at the highest level of our profession. Think creatively and find practical solutions. Do the right thing. Maintain our sense of humor. Build community – with clients, with other lawyers, and with each other. And if anyone forgets these few rules, remind them. As it turns out, you can build and maintain a terrific law firm like this.


We have some pretty outstanding lawyers who have accomplished a great deal in their professional and personal lives. While it’s not necessarily in our own nature to brag, this is what our mothers would tell you.


Our lawyers have a wide range of experiences and expertise, allowing us to help our clients with many different types of legal issues. To start, we advise clients on employment, health care, corporate, and election law issues, and litigate both commercial and criminal cases.


We have a team of highly accomplished attorneys who have practiced at prestigious law firms of all sizes, served as advisors at the highest levels of government, and worked as general counsel for major corporations and organizations.

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