Attorney Jill Chasson

As of Jan. 1, Arizona’s minimum wage increased to $14.35 per hour, nearly double the federal minimum. With almost all employers in the state covered by the minimum wage law, understanding compensation structure to ensure employees are being paid in accordance with the law is critical. In an article for HR Laws, Jill Chasson offered up expert insights on potential pitfalls for employers to avoid.

Jill explained that unlike many other state-level minimum wage laws, Arizona’s law applies to nearly all employees, including those who are exempt from the federal FLSA’s minimum wage and overtime requirements. This can create challenges for employers in at least two areas. First, as the minimum wage increases, employers need to be mindful of the hours worked by those who are paid at or near the FLSA minimum salary level to ensure continued compliance with state law. Second, employers need to ensure that outside sales employees who are paid on a commission-only basis are still being paid at least minimum wage each workweek, even if commissions are calculated and paid less frequently.

Well-versed in the many federal and state laws that govern the workplace, Jill regularly works with employers to develop key policies, resolve difficult personnel issues, and provide guidance regarding legal compliance and risk management. When disputes arise, she represents employers before administrative agencies, in arbitration proceedings, and court litigation regarding a variety of employment-related claims.

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