Brain Health Nexus recently tapped Coppersmith Brockelman Attorney Kristen Rosati, one of the nation’s top lawyers on “big data,” to share legal insights on the evolving challenges in data sharing during a governance workshop in Washington, D.C.

The workshop was part of a new effort to develop a “Brain Health Index,” modeled after the Heart Health Index, which will define and quantify brain health based on core domains of brain function using an information technology framework that collects, integrates and models global data. Ultimately, this type of index can help detect signs or likelihood of brain disease earlier, allowing patients to work with their providers to take preventative measures. Kristen weighed in on the data-sharing requirements for the Brain Health Index and provided insights into key U.S. data privacy laws.

A sought-after national speaker, Kristen has been active in national healthcare policy and served as past President (2013-2014) and Fellow of the American Health Law Association (AHLA), the nation’s largest healthcare legal organization. She was recently featured on AzBusiness magazine’s list of Who’s Who in Healthcare and is a founding member of the Arizona Leadership Council for Take the Lead Women.

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