Roopali represents four initiative campaigns who filed a Petition for Special Action with the Arizona Supreme Court to seek an order permitting them to use the E-Qual system to obtain online signatures

Representing the “Smart and Safe Arizona Act,” election attorney Roopali Desai was tapped by KJZZ News Radio to discuss the initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona. 

Roopali explained that backers of the initiative ran the ballot language by legislative council members for feedback. She reinforced the significance of this review, noting that the 16-page initiative includes details about how the money from fines and civil penalties will be used.The hope is for the money to go toward community colleges, public safety, and other related programs. The legislative council’s recommendations will be used to revise the ballot language to ensure it is abundantly clear. 

Roopali advises clients on all aspects of political and election law including campaign strategy, campaign finance compliance, disclosure and reporting requirements, and bringing and defending election challenges. She is especially known for her experience representing initiative, referendum, and recall campaigns, and has served as legal counsel for numerous successful statewide and local measures. Additionally, she is experienced in defending and prosecuting various types of pre- and post-election challenges, including seeking injunctive relief. 

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