As the resident expert on nonprofit bylaws, Sam Coppersmith delivered an eye-opening, informative seminar about the many common pitfalls and best practices associated with drafting or revising bylaws.

Speaking during a National Business Institute live audio webinar delivered on Feb. 16, Sam delved into the intricacies of bylaws, which are the foundational guidelines that govern internal management of every nonprofit. The presentation explored the best processes for updating nonprofit bylaws, what to include (and not include) in specific provisions, as well as a focus on the most common mistakes found in nonprofit bylaws.

Geared primarily to attorneys, executive directors, trustees, officers, presidents and vice presidents of nonprofit organizations, the content included discussion of a member-elected or self-perpetuating board, the process for adopting and updating bylaws, a step-by-step guide on how to implement changes, and general policies and procedures.

For more information about the seminar, order an audio CD/course book or listen to an on-demand audio replay, visit the National Business Institute.