Kristen Rosati

Kristen Rosati’s AHLA & AzSHA Presentations Highlight 2020 Health Care Law Developments

At the annual American Health Law Association (AHLA) Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute, Kristen Rosati educated industry professionals on the numerous legal developments 2020 brought to the health care industry. She also shared her “Year in Review” presentation at the Arizona Society of Healthcare Attorneys’ (AzSHA) February meeting. During these presentations, Kristen focused on significant legal updates resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and a wave of regulations passed during the Trump Administration’s waning days. She provided health care lawyers with an overview of several topics related to the pandemic, including new legislation, the rapid rise of telemedicine, claims and developing immunity, and financial relief for providers and attendant risks. Her presentation also explored health care reform, including significant Supreme Court decisions and the status of the...

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