Erin Dunlap Provides Insight on Overturned HIPAA Penalty for Healthcare Risk Management

Erin Dunlap Educates Healthcare Risk Management Readers on HIPAA Requirements and Most Critical Compliance Steps

After a small orthopedic clinic in Georgia was fined $1.5 million for HIPAA violations, Healthcare Risk Management turned to health care and data privacy attorney Erin Dunlap to share what smaller providers can do to protect themselves from cyber risk and government enforcement. Erin, a nationally recognized expert in health care data privacy and security, explains that although the HIPAA Security Rule has existed for nearly 20 years, many smaller healthcare providers lack adequate security measures to protect against increasingly pervasive cyber risk. She advises providers to conduct a risk analysis — which is the first critical step in meeting HIPAA security requirements and can be done internally or by an outside vendor. If resources are limited, she points providers to the Security Risk Assessment Tool that...

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