The Arizona Republic Calls on Roopali Desai for Insight on Prop 208-Related Surcharge

After Arizona voters passed Proposition 208, which increased the state’s income-tax rate for high-income individuals, a restaurant in Cave Creek added a surprise surcharge to diners’ checks. The Arizona Republic turned to Roopali Desai, who represents the initiative, for a legal perspective on the fee.

Roopali questioned why the restaurant owners were trying to collect a tax they may not even be required to pay, as Prop 208 impacts individuals who earn taxable income above $250,000 — not businesses. She also emphasized the importance of reviewing receipts and speaking up if something seems amiss.

In addition to representing Prop 208, Roopali is a highly regarded elections and political lawyer in Arizona. Her practice involves advising clients on all aspects of election law, from campaign finance compliance to disclosure and reporting requirements and defending election challenges. She has served as legal counsel for numerous successful statewide and local measures.

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