Because getting and keeping tax-exempt status can be challenging, the National Business Institute (NBI) asked Sam Coppersmith to break down the rules, steps, and best practices in a one-day webinar for attorneys, paralegals, and accountants.

On July 13, Sam will co-present “501(c)(3) Organization and Formation From Start to Finish,” which will highlight topics including:

  • Form changes and new rules
  • Nonprofit governance mistakes and best practices
  • Formation documents and application steps
  • Eligibility requirements and classifications
  • Establishing tax-exempt status with the IRS

Sam has more than three decades of experience assisting local and national businesses, nonprofit entities, and individuals. A regular speaker for NBI, he covers a range of nonprofit-related topics including private foundations, tax-exempt organizations, and serving on nonprofit boards.

Learn more about Sam’s webinar here. And because it’s Sam, of course there’s a discount code. Use Code “FSPN50” for $50 off the registration price.