Attorney Kristen Rosati Guides Brain Health Nexus Leaders Through ‘Big Data’ Legal Nuances

Brain Health Nexus recently tapped Coppersmith Brockelman Attorney Kristen Rosati, one of the nation’s top lawyers on “big data,” to share legal insights on the evolving challenges in data sharing during a governance workshop in Washington, D.C. The workshop was part of a new effort to develop a “Brain Health Index,” modeled after the Heart Health Index, which will define and quantify brain health based on core domains of brain function using an information technology framework that collects, integrates and models global data. Ultimately, this type of index can help detect signs or likelihood of brain disease earlier, allowing patients to work with their providers to take preventative measures. Kristen weighed in on the data-sharing requirements for the Brain Health Index and provided insights into key...

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Kristen Rosati

Kristen Rosati Moderates Panel for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine on Data Sharing in Cancer Research

As a national expert on data sharing, Kristen Rosati was called to moderate a high-profile panel of experts during a session of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s workshop on Optimizing Public-Private Partnerships for Clinical Cancer Research. As a member of the planning committee, Kristen, along with Otis Brawley of Johns Hopkins University, facilitated the panel on Enhancing Data Sharing for Public-Private Partnerships for Clinical Cancer Research. The session provided insights on the roles various groups play in the process, including from government, research institutions, patients, sponsors, funders, and publications.  Panelists included members from NIH, Harvard University, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Invitae/Ciitizen, Eli Lilly, Cancer Research UK/Cancer Research Horizons, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the New England Journal of Medicine. Kristen also...

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Kristen Rosati Explains Complicated Web of Laws Regulating Privacy in Oncology Treatment and Research at National Cancer Policy Forum

Kristen Rosati addressed the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine National Cancer Policy Forum workshop on the role of digital health applications in oncology research and care. Kristen’s presentation addressed legal considerations around patient privacy and data security, in digital health applications. One of the nation’s leading “Big Data” and HIPAA compliance attorneys, Kristen focused on how the patient right of access, the patient right to direct disclosures to third parties, and the new information blocking and interoperability rules affect oncology digital health apps. She also provided an overview of privacy requirements for data sharing in cancer treatment and research, discussing the evolving standards for de-identification of genomic information.  With deep experience in data sharing for research and clinical integration initiatives, clinical research compliance, and biobanking and genomic...

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