Scott Bennett Helps In Business Readers Prepare for Pending Consumer Privacy Laws

Scott Bennett Provides In Business with Employee-Focused Strategies for Preventing Workplace Cyberattacks

Focusing its recent cover story on key legal issues businesses face, InBusiness Phoenix turned to Scott Bennett to address the growing risk cybersecurity attacks present and how to mitigate them. Because hacking attempts are increasingly discreet and sophisticated, employees are often a business’s biggest cybersecurity risk. The majority of cyberattacks are the result of human error, such as clicking on a spam email link, and Scott urged businesses to host employee ransomware and cybersecurity training on an ongoing basis instead of only during onboarding. A workforce that is well educated on detecting suspicious emails, setting strong passwords and ensuring private files are encrypted will help keep hacks to a minimum. With deep expertise in data privacy and security, Scott assists businesses in health care and other industries...

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Scott Bennett Informs Healthcare Risk Management Readers About Compensation Compliance

Scott Bennett Helps Healthcare Risk Management Readers Get Ahead of Cyberattacks

After the White House issued a memo warning healthcare organizations about the threat of cyberattacks, Healthcare Risk Management turned to Scott Bennett to explain how companies can prevent an attack that blocks them from providing core critical care functions. Scott warned that ransomware can be dangerous, especially if it causes a company to lose data about patient’s medical history or allergy data that is stored electronically. Scott suggested healthcare entities get ahead of the issue to ensure they aren’t first considering protections in the middle of a ransomware attack. A leading attorney representing hospitals and healthcare providers, Scott brings extensive knowledge related to data privacy and security, particularly when it comes to HIPAA and protecting sensitive healthcare information. He helps his clients comply with the complex web...

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Jill Chasson and Scott Bennett Pinpoint Work-from-home Risk Management Solutions for Az Business Readers

With work-from-home policies extending indefinitely, businesses must consider unique risks associated with remote workforces. Jill Chasson and Scott Bennett guide businesses toward best work-from-home risk management practices in the latest issue of Az Business. Jill highlights challenges associated with tracking employee hours in a remote setting, encouraging employers to establish procedures or technology solutions to ensure accurate time tracking. Clear communication and enforcement of these processes can help employers refute later claims that employees are owed additional pay. Scott’s comments focus on cybersecurity threats. During the pandemic, there has been an increase in ransomware attacks that include work-from-home employees clicking on malevolent links in phishing emails. Employers can reduce the risk of a ransomware attack by training on how to identify phishing emails and adopting technical measures...

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