Kristen Rosati Reviews a Year of Health Law Updates for AHLA’s Annual Meeting

Kristen Rosati Addresses Potential COVID-19 HIPAA Violations in Healthcare Risk Management

The COVID-19 pandemic brought increased risk of HIPAA violations, and Healthcare Risk Management turned to Kristen Rosati to help readers understand where they might go astray. In the article, “COVID-19 Changes HIPAA Compliance, But Caution Necessary,” Kristen discussed a possible rise in curiosity viewing. She shared how health care personnel members may want to know if a patient has tested positive for COVID-19, even if they aren’t treating the patient, or may be tempted to look up the records of family members, friends or neighbors. Kristen emphasized personnel should look at a patient’s record only for valid treatment reasons.   Kristen is considered one of the nation’s leading “Big Data” and HIPAA compliance attorneys. With extensive experience in data sharing for research, clinical integration and artificial intelligence initiatives, clinical research compliance, and biobanking...

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Melissa Soliz Discusses Information Blocking in SHIEC Webinar Series

Melissa Soliz Provides Guidance on HIPAA Compliance Training in Healthcare Risk Management Article

Even well-prepared health care organizations can experience HIPAA breaches. In an article for Healthcare Risk Management, Melissa Soliz shared tips on how organizations can effectively communicate HIPAA compliance requirements to employees, providing real-life examples of do’s and don’ts.  Melissa focuses on HIPAA and 42 C.F.R. Part 2 compliance, compliance with opioid treatment laws and regulations, health information exchange (including compliance with new information blocking rules), data breaches and OCR investigations, as well as clinical research compliance and contracting. Read the full article here. ...

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