Scott Bennett Helps In Business Readers Prepare for Pending Consumer Privacy Laws

Sam Coppersmith and Malvika Sinha Outline Components of a Successful DEI Program for In Business

As more companies prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), many wonder what such programs should include. In an In Business cover story highlighting companies with strong DEI initiatives, Sam Coppersmith and Malvika Sinha share how Coppersmith Brockelman attracts diverse attorneys and helps them thrive. Sam discusses how the firm welcomed diversity of viewpoints and experiences long before DEI emerged, highlighting how hiring outstanding lawyers who looked, acted and thought differently led to a majority-female partnership with flexibility for personal and family choices that attracts new talent. He believes becoming more diverse and inclusive has helped the firm improve and expects diversity will increase as junior lawyers recruit their peers. Malvika provides perspective of how some DEI programs can negatively impact female associates and associates of color by...

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Malvika Sinha, Coppersmith Brockelman PLC

Coppersmith Brockelman Hires Malvika Sinha to Address Increasing Commercial Litigation Demand

As companies return to pre-COVID-19 operations and need to resolve legal issues set aside during the pandemic, an increasing number choose litigation. To meet this growing demand, we hired Malvika Sinha to bolster our commercial litigation practice. Sinha’s experience with high-stakes disputes will help us continue to deliver our renowned legal services. Sinha has worked with clients on a wide variety of disputes, including environmental, food and drug, pharmaceutical litigation, class action defense, and sensitive internal investigations. Several of her cases have involved intensive discovery and regular motion practice. “We help clients address a wide range of business needs, including representing them in court when needed. Malvika’s experience litigating complicated cases strengthens our ability to meet clients’ growing litigation needs,” said Roopali Desai, partner. “Moreover, her experience...

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