Coppersmith Brockelman Launches its Information Blocking Toolkit for Health Care Providers

As health care providers are hit with more and more regulatory changes, legal, compliance and privacy personnel are struggling to keep up. Coppersmith Brockelman PLC offers some relief! Coppersmith Brockelman just released its Information Blocking Rule Toolkit for Health Care Providers (“Toolkit”). The Toolkit provides practical guidance, regulatory crosswalks, template documents and educational materials to help providers get started on an information blocking compliance program to meet the April 5, 2021 deadline. The Toolkit includes: “Information Blocking FAQs: What health care providers need to know about information blocking compliance”A “Checklist for Health Care Providers: How to Create and Implement an Information Blocking Rule Compliance Action Plan”A template “No Information Blocking Policy”A guidance document for “Updating HIPAA Policies and Procedures for Information Blocking Rule Compliance,” which includes a checklist...

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Kristen Rosati on Planning Committee for National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Workshop on Data Sharing

Kristen Rosati Recaps a Year of Health Law Developments for the AHLA Annual Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the health law landscape, and Kristen Rosati helped summarize its impact in a year-in-review plenary session at the American Health Law Association (AHLA) Annual Meeting.  Kristen, a past president of AHLA and nationally recognized leader in health information privacy and security, joined two industry colleagues in highlighting key developments in health law from the last year, including the CARES Act and other COVID-related legislation; blanket regulatory waivers for Stark/AKS, HIPAA and coverage rules; the rise of telemedicine; significant Supreme Court decisions regarding health care reform; information blocking and interoperability; and OCR enforcement and data breaches. A respected mainstay within the nation’s largest educational organization devoted to legal issues in the health care field, Kristen has served in numerous leadership positions, including president of the...

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Karen Owens Leads Webinar on Medical Peer Review and Information Sharing

Karen Owens conducted a webinar March 28 for the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), the national organization of medical staff services professionals. In “Sharing Peer Review Information Among Entities: Why, When, and How,” Karen discussed the trend toward sharing peer review information among health care entities for quality assurance and peer review purposes, analyzed the key components among various state information-sharing laws, and explained how to construct policies and agreements to safely share peer review information while preserving confidentiality. In 2015, Karen co-presented on negligent credentialing and peer review at the NAMSS annual meeting, and she has conducted numerous educational programs for Arizona’s NAMSS affiliate. Karen is a seasoned health care attorney who represents health care systems, hospitals, clinics, managed care entities and other...

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